What you can Expect

What should you expect from an initial consultation and treatment at the BackCare Clinic?

Your first consultation will last up to 1 hour.

Details of your problem will be taken, as they present at the time. Questions will be asked about the nature of your pain and how it affects your life, a history of previous episodes, your general health and medication taken. Also details of any previous treatment or surgery you may have received.

The principals of the unique treatment on offer at the BackCare Clinic will be thoroughly explained to you. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you wish at this time and at any other time you like during your consultation.

You will need to be examined. It will be necessary to undress to your underwear but generally you will not be required to remove trousers.  For ladies leggings, loose trousers or track bottoms are ideal and will make you feel more comfortable.

You are very welcome to bring a friend or relative to your visits if you wish.

Once the history and examination has been carried out a diagnosis will be made and a treatment plan explained to you. You will be given information on your likely problem and how your treatment will progress. How often you need to come in for treatment and what the treatment will cost. If your condition is best served by treatment with other therapists you will be advised accordingly.

It will be assumed that when you attend for a consultation, you have come for treatment of that problem, and therefore your consent is implied. However, if you have come for a free consultation and advice only, or at any stage become unhappy in proceeding towards treatment, then please make that clear. You are welcome to stop your consultation at any stage if you have any concerns about your treatment.

Prior to leaving you will be given tips on what you can expect following your first treatment. This may include the application of ice, certain activities or positions to avoid and possibly exercises to do at home.


What happens when I return for a follow-up treatment?

The focus of follow-up visits is the treatment itself as distinct from the diagnostic process involved in the first visit.

You will be asked about your reaction to your initial treatment and the progress of your pain.

You will be asked to undress in a similar manner to your first visit and usually treatment will proceed in accordance with your initial treatment plan.

However, you will be constantly re-examined and your treatment may vary accordingly. Any changes to your initial treatment plan will be explained to you.

Once more, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you wish at this time and at any other time you like during your consultation.